A level


Photography is an exciting course that gives you the opportunity to capture the world as you see it. During the course you will be introduced to a variety of experiences that explore a range of photographic media, techniques and processes linking to both traditional and new technologies.

You will explore images relating to all aspects of the visual arts. Your responses must be shown through practical and critical activities demonstrating your understanding of different genres. You should be aware of the four assessment objectives: research, materials and techniques, developing ideas, realising intentions, demonstrating an understanding of the importance of process as well as product.


You will need three A3 sketchbooks for the duration of the course. These can be purchased through school. Most importantly, you need a camera. This could be your iPad or phone as long as you can transfer images to your iPad. Financial assistance may be available via the bursary.


You have to enjoy taking photographs and be prepared to work independently in your own time to conduct your photoshoots. A GCSE in a creative subject is beneficial but not essential.


There are 3 coursework units that comprise of a portfolio unit, personal investigation and an externally set assignment. For each you are required to produce a sketchbook of work. The personal investigation must be supported by 1,000-3,000 words of written content. This unit will 60%.

Externally Set Assignment: Preparatory period and 15 hours supervised time – 40%


Students either go on to an appropriate Photography or Media degree or complete a Foundation course before going on to study at degree level. This subject supports careers in the creative industries such as fashion, media, marketing, illustration and many more.


“I like being made to try new things. They generally end up being a lot of fun and help me learn about different aspects of Photography.”

“I enjoy learning to look at media in new ways and think about how important photography is in different aspects of our lives.”

“I like being able to choose my own theme so that my work feels personal to me.”