A level


The course is developed from a range of topic areas in Sport, alongside a practical requirement.  The topics include the following:

  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Skill Acquisition
  3. Sport and Society
  4. Exercise Physiology
  5. Biomechanics
  6. Sports Psychology
  7. Technology in Sport.

The content of the course is extremely detailed, and a good knowledge and understanding will be built up over the 2 years of study with a key requirement to then apply what is learnt to specific sporting examples.


You will occasionally need practical kit and will be provided an exercise book for note making.  You are also required to gain video footage of practical performance in your chosen sport.  The PE department will lend their video camera out to students that require this.  It may be useful to purchase an SD card to store your video footage throughout the 2 years.


Successful students in PE are continually developing their practical performance in their chosen sport outside of school through specific training sessions and practical performance.  In the classroom, students will be able to link theoretical content to practical examples and elite sport and apply their knowledge within a sporting context.


You will be assessed theoretically through 2 exams, each is 2 hours, covering all of the topic areas listed above.  This will be marked through three main assessment objectives: knowledge and understanding; application, and evaluation.  This will make up 70% of your overall grade.

Practically you will be assessed in your performance of 1 sport (45 marks) and an Analysis of Performance in your chosen sport (45 Marks).  This will be assessed internally and externally and will make up 30% of your overall grade


A level PE is a subject that will provide fantastic opportunities for entry into higher education.  It develops a pathway into ‘traditional’ careers which involve sport: Teaching, Physiotherapy, Coaching & Fitness Training, Psychology, Sports Science, Police, Armed Forces & Sports Instructors


“I Enjoy A level PE, like the anatomy and the way that lessons are taught. Feel like it is very easy to learn as lessons are intriguing. I get good feedback after tests and always have someone to ask questions to” – Year 13 Student 2020.


‘I really enjoy A level PE and it has allowed me to advance my knowledge of the body and sport, in all areas thanks to engaging lessons.’ Year 13 Student 2020