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Having not studied Sociology before, the course introduces students to the study of Sociology, which lies at the heart of the Social Sciences and looks at the individual’s relationship to society, and the effect that social processes have.  The course allows students to question and understand whether they really exercise free choice, and what this means in contemporary systems.  Students learn theories about the make-up of society, and how to use the theories to analyse one another.  Students also learn how Sociology relates to real life for instance through same sex marriages and partnerships, the Black Lives Matter movement, and how we are all affected by corporate crime such as fly-tipping.


Two text books are required along with various stationary to record and organise your notes. Financial support may be available via the bursary.


Curiosity about the world, and a willingness to understand the society we live in.  You will want to know more about the world, and want to have your perception and experiences of it challenged by other knowledge and ideas.  Be willing to accept other points of view; and to embrace BAME and CEG ideas – so be challenged about ethnicity, class, and gender.  This is all part of the journey!


All examination at end of year 13 with 3 X 2 hour papers on the full content, picked from any area of the course.

The exam board can choose from any area of the course within the specification and students will be given full preparation and practice to anticipate this across the range of topics.  Full exam skills will be embedded throughout.

Students will be given a full breakdown on exam structure over the two years which will be reinforced and revisited; students should be fully aware of the expectations of each exam.


Students go onto a wide range of degree level and post graduate courses.  Many go onto directly related courses such as Sociology/Social Studies.  Others go onto tangentially relevant courses such as Sociology and Criminology, Archaeology, Social Studies and so on and may go onto courses such as PPE – Philosophy, Politics and Economics, which is very highly regarded.  Additionally, Sociology can help with broader ranging degree courses such as Geography, Youth Studies, and Criminology.


“Sociology has taught me to look at things from multiple perspectives whether theoretical or cultural. For instance, race, religion, political views. It has taught me to view society as ever changing and helped me learn skills such as critical thinking and self awareness. The teaching is particularly effective as learning is reinforced with exam practice and examples are always current helping me apply what has been taught better” – current Year 13.

“Mrs Brooks really helped, she was enthusiastic from the get go, the lessons were always fun with lots to do, she made me believe I could do an A Level and build the skills to get a good grade” – past student.

“Sociology really helped me, I wanted to do Youth and Community Work, it made me understand there was loads more I needed to see.  Mrs Brooks brought in her knowledge of the rest of the UK which is bigger than Malton and helped me to see that” – Year 13 leaver 2020.