Future Students

Pastoral Support

As with KS3 and KS4, we have a dedicated pastoral team working with Sixth Form students throughout their time with us to ensure they can thrive and flourish.  Pastoral staff are non-teaching and so are available throughout the day to support both students and parents should any issues arise.

Home to School Contact

At the end of each term, we send a report home detailing both progress made throughout that term, as well as attitude towards learning.  As well as helping students understand where they are in relation to expected outcomes, these reports also help determine how much Agreed Absence students will receive the following term.

In addition to regular parents’ meetings for consultation with subject teachers, there are also special meetings for students and parents in other school year groups:

  • In the Autumn of Year 11 to give information about the Sixth Form and post 16 study options
  • In the Summer of Year 12 to give information about post 18 options, including the procedure for applying to university / college.

School Mentor

As well as the dedicated pastoral staff, we employ a Mentor, Libby Pearson.  Libby meets every 2 to 3 weeks with students who need a little extra support to be a listening ear.  She provides students with the space and time to talk about what is happening in their life, both in and out of school, and works together with students to try to find ways of making life easier.

Students can be referred to Libby by a member of the pastoral team.

Wellbeing in Mind Team

The Wellbeing in Mind Team consists of an NHS staff team, based in school, to offer support to students experiencing common emotional wellbeing difficulties.  They provide additional care and interventions for young people experiencing difficulties including:

  • low mood
  • anxiety
  • low self esteem

The team works closely with external services so that those with more complex problems can get the right help, from the right people, more quickly.

Difficulties that young people experience can affect things like work, friendships and home life. Having the right support available when and where it’s needed can help to lessen the impact things like stress or anxiety have, both now and in the future.

The wellbeing in mind team is made up of NHS professionals including senior clinicians, higher-level therapists and education mental health practitioner trainees (EMHPs).

Referrals to the Wellbeing in Mind Team are made by in-school Pastoral Staff.

Key Stage 5

The KS5 Pastoral Team consists of Mrs Holden, Mrs Pulling, Miss Buxton and Mr Dent.  Each member of the team has their own specific role, as well as dealing with day-to-day issues in the Key Stage as and when they arise.

  • Mrs Holden: Head of Year 13 (sah@maltonschool.org)
    Mrs Holden’s focus is particularly on academic support and the UCAS process.  Additionally, Mrs Holden will support those students who have opted for the Early Entry Pathway.


  • Mrs Pulling (rxp@maltonschool.org) & Miss Buxton (pxb@maltonschool.org): Heads of Year 12
    Mrs Pulling has been part of the Malton School family for the last 12 years, working in a pastoral capacity. Her role within Sixth Form is to support students academically, socially and emotionally.  Mrs Pulling will also provide specific support to those students who have opted for the Higher Vocational Pathway. Miss Buxton job shares with Mrs Pulling, supporting students on those days when Mrs Pulling isn’t in school.


  • Mr Dent: Head of Guidance (mnd@maltonschool.org)
    As Head of Guidance, Mr Dent is able to provide students with a tailored ongoing plan of support to help ensure they achieve their ambitions when they leave us aged 18. The process starts at the beginning of year 12 and continues throughout Year 13.  Mr Dent will play a particularly important role if you choose the Enhanced Pathway.

The Pastoral Team are supported in their work by the Sixth Form Tutors.