Welcome from the Director of Sixth Form

Nicky Cooper

Welcome to the Sixth Form at Malton!
As the Director of Sixth Form I have the pleasure of working with our students as they undertake the next step in their education journey. The Sixth Form at Malton offers a supportive and nurturing community that is designed to help students succeed as they undertake a variety of academic courses as well as a full program of extra-curricular development to help prepare you for life beyond sixth form; this can include our EPQ program, Gold Duke of Edinburgh, work experience and shadowing as well as our PDA sessions.

Students form friendships, develop skills, challenge themselves academically and create lifelong memories during their time with us. Each student follows one of our Pathways to maximise their time with us by tailoring their experiences to give them the advantages they need to pursue the most competitive universities and courses, create a stand out CV and explore a full range of post 18 employment and study options both in the UK and beyond. We can even help with gap year plans! Students receive coaching and advice from our dedicated careers guidance officer as well as a team of tutors to help create impressive applications that tick all the boxes. We also give our students the confidence to shine at interviews.

Personal wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us and we want to ensure that students always have someone to talk to – from a friendly chat to a supportive approach to help improve study skills with practical advice or more personalised support to help students achieve their goals. Our weekly tutor programme sessions will cover a range of topics from mental health and self care, to personal finance skills from how to build a personal and professional online brand to discussion on up to date news and events to ensure students are fully equipped to take their place in society.

It’s an exciting two years as you build the foundations for your future success.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Director of Sixth Form