Volunteers Week – Celebrating our Senior Librarians

Volunteers Week – Celebrating our Senior Librarians

Our senior librarians; Matty, Zoe, Rowan, Monique, Beccy, Beth and Izzy all volunteer to organise and run the school library and support students using this facility. Matty was the first student to volunteer in this role, and has since built the team up to further their goal of maintaining the library space and supporting students.

The tasks our senior librarians undertake vary; some are focussed on the upkeep of the library itself: organising books, maintaining the careers information, keeping records and updating displays. Other tasks involve more of an ambassador role, promoting the library to other students through liasing with the school council, organising lunchtime activities and designing posters to keep other students informed about what is going on.

Both Monique and Rowan mention their growth in confidence as a result of this extra responsibility, and all of the senior librarians were keen to use their role as a way of “giving back” to the school community.

All of the librarians give generously of their time in free periods, lunch break and after school to complete tasks and liaise with the rest of the team. They can often be found completing their own work in the library, too, benefitting from the positive working atmosphere which they are helping to create.

Being a senior librarian has had many benefits for volunteers; the chance to develop organisational skills, time management and experience of communicating in a professional way with both staff and students around school. Matty said: “I have also learned so many transferable skills … which will help me in pursuing university education and teaching later on.”

From 1st-7th June each year Volunteers’ Week celebrates the achievements and hard work of volunteers up and down the country. We’re joining in with this event by highlighting the amazing work our Senior Librarians do in school.


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