Year 7 Information from our Open Evening

main school open evening

welcome from the headteacher

A very warm welcome to our online Main School Open Evening.  Whilst we are very sorry we are unable to physically welcome you to school, we hope the information contained here (and throughout the remainder of our website), will help you to make the right decision for your child for their secondary schooling.  If having looked through all the material, you still have questions, please do get in contact with us.


Tel: 01653 692828


We very much hope we will have the opportunity to welcome you and your child to Malton School in the very near future.

Rob Williams

The main presentation, which Mr Williams and key members of staff delivered at our live virtual open evening, can be accessed here. (20 minute watch)


Following the main presentation Mr Williams, Mr Fenwick and Miss Davison answered questions from our live audience.  You can listen to the Q&A as a podcast here (32.5 minute listen):


welcome to malton school

If you are new to Malton School, the following video (2 minute watch) will provide you with an introduction to the school and the opportunity to hear from students (past and present) as well as parents.

welcome to the ks3 pastoral team

In order to help support the teaching staff and form tutors, we have a dedicated pastoral team for each of the Key Stages.  Pastoral staff are available throughout the day to support and encourage both students and parents should any issues arise.  The Key Stage 3 team, in particular, are very involved in the transition process from primary to secondary school.

Miss Davison, Head of KS3, is responsible for Years 7, 8 and 9 within the school, as well as being one of the safeguarding leads.  She is supported by:

  • Mrs Beal, Assistant Head of KS3
  • Miss Loughran, Assistant Head of KS3
  • Libby, School Mentor

The KS3 Pastoral Team work closely with Mr Else, Head of Inclusion from the point at which school places are allocated, through the transition period, as well as throughout your child’s time with us.

For more information on pastoral support within Malton School, please click here.

If you missed the introductory videos from Miss Davison and Mr Else at our live virtual event, you can access them here:

  • Introduction to the Pastoral Care Team – Miss Davison (2.5 minute watch)
  • Introduction to Inclusion – Mr Else (2.5 minute watch)



learning at malton school

We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of education and care given to students through the provision of a nurturing learning environment, which enables students to flourish and thrive.  Combined with a broad curriculum offer at both GCSE and A Level, the vast majority of students move on to their chosen next destination at 16 or 18.

Our Heads of Faculty have put together the following video (20 minute watch) to introduce you to their subject areas and to help you piece together what we call the ‘golden threads’ of our curriculum which are skillfully woven into all our subject teaching and help students apply their knowledge and skills across all their learning.  Please do take the time to hear from our staff who are all passionate about their subject areas:

  • Mr Steel – Assistant Head
  • Mr Muir – Head of Faculty, Maths & Computing
  • Mrs Wilcock – Head of Faculty, English & Modern Foreign Languages
  • Ms Eldrett – Head of Faculty, Science & Engineering
  • Mr Wilson – Head of Faculty, Humanities
  • Miss Harmon – Head of Faculty, Creative (Arts, Drama, DT, PE and FT)

One of our key approaches to learning is called Growth Mindset.  To find out more about Growth Mindset, watch the following video: (2.5 minute watch)

an iPad school

As an iPad School every student has access to an iPad to enhance learning – both in school and at home.  The use of such technology proved invaluable during lockdown and from day 1 students continued with their full timetable, accessing all their lessons and teaching materials through their iPads.

You can find an introduction to our iPad for Learning scheme below (4 minute watch) and further details here

an 11-18 school

Students who join us in Year 7 can stay with us until they finish their secondary schooling having studied for A Level and BTEC courses.  Most of the students who continue with us through Sixth Form go on to study at university, many choosing to attend “Russell Group” universities.  Whatever the career aim of an individual student, our offer of excellent teaching skills, a strong personal development programme and the best in pastoral care and guidance, provides the platform they need to launch onto the next phase of their lives.

The Director of Sixth Form is Mrs Cooper, who is also a senior science teacher in School.

You can find out more about the Sixth Form below (2 minute watch) and further details here

life at malton school


Facilities at Malton are excellent – especially for science, cooking, art, technology and drama – and our recently opened sports centre and full-sized floodlit 3G astro-turf pitch means we have the best sports facilities in the district.  We are also very privileged to have a large campus, with plenty of outdoor space for students.

The following aerial footage will give you an indication of the size of our campus (1.5 minute watch).


We have also put together two quick-time tours, one of each wing of the school, to help you appreciate the facilities we have to offer:


Students in Years 7-11 are expected to wear school uniform.  Our uniform supplier visits school in early July to help you with the purchase of uniform, and we have worked with them to try to minimise the number of specialist items of clothing.

Our uniform code can be found here


As students move through the School, and by earning housepoints, they are able to work towards their house ties, and eventually half colour and full colour ties.  The awarding of the half and full colour ties also brings additional benefits with it to students in Years 10 and 11.  For more information on the house tie system, please click here.


Malton School has been transporting students into the school for many years and also has an excellent out-of-catchment service.  Charges for our own transport, for out-of-catchment students, are tiered according to distance from school.  Students who live within catchment, but live more than 3 miles from school, will be eligible for NYCC transport.

Our own transport zones work as follows:

  • Zone A:  nearest collection point to home – over 3 miles and up to 10 miles as the crow flies from school
  • Zone B:  nearest collection point to home – between 10 to 15 miles as the crow flies from school
  • Zone C: nearest collection point to home – 15 miles and above as the crow flies from school.

The charge for the 2020-2021 academic year for our own transport will be:

  • Zone A £390 per student for the academic year which is £2.05 per day
  • Zone B £435 per student for the academic year which is £2.30 per day
  • Zone C £480 per student for the academic year which is £2.53 per day

For more information on our home-to-school transport service, please click here


Hot lunches are served every lunch-time from the West Wing Hall, with a smaller servery available in both the Sixth Form and East Wing. Students can buy a variety of drinks and snacks at break times throughout the day, including at the end of Period 4 on a Thursday.  We also offer a selection of breakfast butties and hot chocolate before school.  This year we have joined forces with Hutchison Catering to:

• bring you the best in local ingredients.
• provide value for money with amazing meal deals available.
• offer menus which are refreshed every term to reflect the seasons so we can always offer you something new!

For more information, visit

You can also find a sample menu here

our students

The best advocates for Malton School are our current students – and so it is only right we give them the final word.  We interviewed a selection of students from across the year groups to ask them about life at Malton School.  You can watch a selection of their comments here (3 minute watch).

applying for a secondary school place

Applications for secondary school places are now open.  If you would like to choose Malton School for your son / daughter, please apply via the NYCC web-site:….
The deadline for applications is 31 October 2020.

You will be notified by NYCC of the results of your application on or just after 1 March 2021.  If you have been successful in your application we will be in contact in early March to begin the transition process.

Note on filming & covid-19

Please note all filming undertaken this year was carried out in accordance with our strict Covid measures and was risk assessed.  However, much of the footage on this page is historic – and was filmed when social distancing and the wearing of face masks was not a pre-requisite.