Year 7 Transition Evening 2020

Welcome from the Head of KS3

We are so sorry that once again another opportunity to meet our Year 7 parents has passed and we have been unable to invite you into Malton School and have the opportunity to speak to you face-to-face about your son or daughter’s transition from Primary School.  We can hardly believe that our new Year 7s have been with us nearly half a term and are so pleased with how they have settled and adapted both to being at secondary school and to being here under Covid-19 conditions.

On this page you will find a series of introductory videos from key members of KS3 staff.  These videos serve two purposes:

  1. To provide you with the information you would have been given at the Transition Evening
  2. To answer as many of your questions as possible

If having watched the videos, you have any further questions, do please contact us.  In spite of the current restrictions, please rest assured we are very much here to help you and your child.”

Lucy Davison
Head of KS3

Transition evening programme


The Transition event starts with an introductory video (22 minute watch) from:

  • Miss Davison, Head of KS3
  • Mrs Beal, Assistant Head of KS3
  • Mr Williams, Headteacher

This video will help you understand:

  • Teaching groups this year and moving forwards
  • Our philosophy and approach to teaching in Year 7
  • Our Covid-19 provisions which aim to minimise disruption to all our students’ learning whilst keeping them as safe as we possibly can

And introduce you to our KS3 Pastoral Team:

  • Key members of staff
  • How to contact them and pass on any concerns you may have

Welcome from Mr Fenwick, Deputy Headteacher

Mr Fenwick introduces you to BromCom, which helps us record and monitor your child’s performance throughout their time with us, as well as My Child at School which enables you to access this information. (13 minute watch)


Mr Lee answers some of your questions regarding homework, including how you can best support your son or daughter at home, as well as how we adjust our teaching for mixed ability groups. (5 minute watch)

Welcome from Mr Else, Head of Inclusion

Mr Else, Head of Inclusion, answers parents’ questions about catch-up provision and supporting students who may need an additional helping hand as they make the transition to secondary school.  (6 minute watch)

Welcome from our Teaching Assistant Team

Meet Miss Spink, our Lead Teaching Assistant and her team, who support and help students who have additional needs. (* minute watch)

Further questions

We do hope our Transition Evening programme has answered as many of your questions as possible, and given you an insight into your son / daughter’s life here at Malton School.  If you still have any unanswered questions, do please contact us:

  • Tel: 01653 692828
  • E-mail: please contact Mrs Swindells, the KS3 Pastoral Administrator at